2021 Audiobook challenge

New Year. New challenges. Will you accept ours?

It's pretty simple. 20 categories. A year to check them all off. The goal of this challenge is to check all the boxes and have fun on the way. Discover new worlds that you might not have noticed otherwise.

Download the challenge, print it out, and start checking things off. Use the PDF, png, or the e-reader friendly DOC.

And if you count yourself among seasoned participants of our challenge, we have an upgrade for - what if you made a little more difficult? Check off four extra categories in our advanced version, or go hardcore and only use one audiobook per category.

Do you want to share the challenge with others? Join our Facebook group, where you can discuss the challenge and share tips with others. Join us!

Like always, we created collections to help you pick audiobooks in some categories (the ones we actually can help you with). And if there's still nothing to your liking, go ahead and ask us. Helping you find the right choice will present a new challenge for us. (Along with really trying to beat our two-time defending champion Michal, but that's just a secondary goal for us, psst.)

To answer some of the frequently asked questions for starters: