Our Story

Like many other companies, Audiolibrix started with large amounts of coffee drunk and long nights spent staring at computer screens. And with two friends who liked to read...

Do you want to hear the full story directly from the founders? You're lucky because we shot it in a special of our podcast, Audinovinky. You can listen below. And learn cool details you won't find in the text.

The Light Bulb Moment

'Twas the year 2009 and the idea was born in Ivan's head in England. He would listen to English audiobooks on his long commute to work. Then, he thought what if I tried listening to Slovak or Czech ones? But there was nothing of the sort out there. Only CDs and getting them to the UK would take at least a month. What if...

The persuasion Game

Let's skip ahead a year, past the preparations and negotiations. This new scene takes place in a fast-food restaurant (of all places!) in Bratislava. Under the cover of just catching up, Ivan's invited Michal to hang out and prepared his arguments along with a business plan. He needed Michal to code an e-shop. That would be his input. And he'd get audiobooks for free. What an awesome deal!

Spoiler alert, Ivan succeeded and got him on board. But as it always goes with these things, the work was a bit more complicated than expected. Michal hasn't stopped coding the e-shop to this day.

The Train Phase. And what are those audiobooks?!

NO. No. Who are you? No. These were among the first replies Ivan kept hearing when trying to get content for the e-shop. While Michal was busy building databases and the entire e-shop - on a train. Yes, he did most of this work on a train, headed for his other job. Because it took years before they could actually quit their previous jobs. And so this work was reserved for nights and weekends.

Let's skip ahead again. And in a couple of months, in 2012, an e-shop was born. Success! But what exactly are those audiobooks? To download? Like from a CD?? And I have to pay by card? On the internet?? I don't like that. Which is when their new jobs started. They consisted of raising awareness, teaching people about the new format. See, while audiobooks had already found thousands of fans in the world, in our two countries, people found them confusing and hard to trust.

As years passed by, more and more people started falling for audiobooks. But introducing people to this form of reading is a neverending task. Both Ivan and Michal do it with joy and vigor. As does the entire Audiolibrix team. Armed with nothing but courage, smiles, and enthusiasm, every day, we set off on our mission.

To show people that the magic of reading does not depend on the format. And to help them discover the joy stories can bring into their lives.