Audiobook Loyalty Programme

We will reward your activity and loyalty. The more active you are, the more points you get. Loyalty points you collect can be exchanged for a discount or even a credit to get an audiobook for free.

You can learn more about your account here.

How can you get loyalty points?

When you register with us, you automatically get 500 points.

Write reviews
Every approved review of a purchased audiobook gets you 130 points.

Rate audiobooks
Once you finish listening, rate that audiobook.
You'll get 20 points.

Buy more audiobooks at once
Buy at least 3 audiobooks in one order
and get an extra 100 points.

Make orders online
Every order paid online gets you points. For example, a typical betseller will get you 31 points.

Be a loyal CLUB Member
Every six months of CLUB Audiolibrix Membership
gets you extra 550 points.

Refer your friend
Every referred friend who makes a purchase,
gets you 300 points. And your friend will get them, too!

What are these loyalty points good for?

You're not just collecting them for fun. Points get you discounts and if you have enought, you can even get an audiobook for free.

In practise, it goes like this:

1000 points can be exchanged for a 7.24€ discount or 1 credit

750 points can be exchanged for a 5.43€ discount

500 points can be exchanged for a 3.62€ discount

250 points can be exchanged for a 1.81€ discount

And how do you actually exchange the points?

It's pretty easy! If you have enough points and want to use them, take these steps:

Get a discount

  • Add audiobooks to your shopping cart.
  • In the cart, right under the list of audiobooks, find the field Loyalty points discount and pick your discount.
  • Make sure the price has been succesfully discounted and finish your order.

Do you want to pick an audiobook to use your discount on? How about you let us recommmend you something.

Pick an Audiobook

Get a credit

Or do you have 1000 points and want to exchange those for a credit?

Exchange points for a credit