Audiobook Loyalty Programme

Loyalty pays off

We reward customers for their activity and loyalty.
Collect Loyalty points and use them either for a discount in your shopping cart, or exchange them for a credit.


Recommend us to your friends

Recommend our website and get Loyalty points!
As soon as your friend becomes our customer (the minute they pay for an Order or a Membership), you get 300 Loyalty points . And so does your friend!


Current Loyalty Points Status

The current number of your Loyalty points can been seen on the right side, right under your shopping cart.
You may have a look at the details of your Loalty programme on your Loyalty Programme Profile.


How to get loyalty points?

  • Approved review of a purchased audiobook
  • Rating purchased audiobook
  • Paid order
  • Paid order with 3 or more audiobooks
  • Membership going for 6 months in a row
  • First friend's order or subscription payment
  • Welcome points

How to use loyalty points

  • 1000 points to get 1 credit
  • 250 points to get 1.81 € discount
  • 500 points to get 3.62 € discount
  • 750 points to get 5.43 € discount
  • 1000 points to get 7.24 € discount