Holiday in Space

Audiolibrix Travel Agency offers: HOLIDAY IN SPACE

Work is annoying you. Peaple are annoying you. The weather´s super hot. To sum it up, you just need to get out?


And how about a trip away from Earth!

Our offer includes two amazing trips that will take you away from this planet and make sure you feel energized and rejuvenated again.

And if you purchase both trips at once, you´re getting a 25% discount.





Price: 10.82 EUR including airport taxes (ask our delegates about the club price advantage)

Destination: Mars

Lenght of stay: 11 hrs 38 mins

Accomodation: a DIY type hotel, a beautiful view of Mars and its natural beauty

Resort subscription: A very calm environment, a low frequency of night life

Meals: Full Board - chosen potato dishes (a potato diet)

Attractions: planting potatoes, watering potatoes, diggin potatoes, listening to oldies, watching retro TV shows, assembling components + survival course included 

Extra trips: An adventurous journy across Mars during a sand storm


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Price: 10.82 EUR including airport taxes (if purchased with Trip 1, you get a 25 % discount, ask our delegates about the club price advantage)

Destination: The Chopra Cloud

Lenght of Stay: 12 hrs 20 mins

Accomodation: a fully equipped rocket, Jan Hus 1

Resort description: very quiet environment with next to no disturbances, a splendid view of space, free wifi

Meals: All Inclusive - including an abundance of Tatranky and Nutella (which will have to be shared with the other resort guest) 

Attractions: communication with an extraterestrial entity (a spider called Hanuš), a historical and philosophical insight into humanity, learning about cultures, long distance couples counselling

Extra trips: A possibility of a trip to planet Earth without being seen or recognized. 

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