Calendar Presents



December 17

Gift Tags


Are you just packing your presents now? Good, we don´t have to remind you that listening to audiobooks while doing that is the best. However, the most important fact is that we have gift tags na for your presents. So just print them out, fill them in - and you´re done!




December 15

Adult colouring book


Adults like to draw and colour, too. Did you know that colouring is great at de-stressing? We´ll help you simply switch off and forget the world, print out this picture, play an audiobook and colour. World forgotten. This might just turn into your new favourite free time activity.




December 14

Memory Game


Having fun alone is fine, but sometimes it´s better to play together. Which is why you can print out and cut this Audino Memory game and play together. You might just find yourselves laughing a lot.




December 12

Colour Your Audino


Your reward today is a colouring book for kids, but you can take your colour pencils and do some de-stressing yourself. Have fun following Audino´s winter footsteps.



December 7

Mazes for our (rein)deer children


Your reward today is a book with mazes for your dearest kids. Or for you, there´s no shame in that either. We´ve all started doing them already anyway. So, just print them out and let the fun begin!




December 6

Win audiobooks from your Wishlist


Today, fill your Wishlist with audiobooks you´d like to get. We will choose one winner at midnight. The winner can choose 1 to 3 audiobooks off their Wishlist. And they´ll get them for free!

What do you need to do to win?

There have to be at least 3 audiobooks on your Wishlist, one of which (at least) has to be added today. And then, you just wait to see if you´ll be selected. Good luck!




December 4



Your present today is a wallpaper for your computer, tablet or phone desktop. Audino and his friends will make you smile every day from now on. Just choose your dimensions.





December 3

Letter to Santa


Christmas day is fast approaching. Time to write to Santa if you haven´t already done so. Don´t worry, we have a template you can use. Just print it out and write down your Christmas wishes. And then just put it behind the window and wait for Christmas day. Let´s hope Santa brings you everything you wish for.