Oslav 100. výročí Poirota

It's been 100 years since the first case of Hercule Poirot was published.

Test your knowledge of Agatha Christie and win an audiobook or a power bank! We start on Monday, July 20 and finish on Sunday, August 9.

The contest is already closed, but you can learn some curiosities: 

Did you know this about Agatha Christie? Before releasing her first novel, Agatha was rejected by six publishers. The seventh one paid 25 pounds. She had started writing a novel because of a bet with her sister. Agatha learned herself to read at the age of 5. The author loved surfing and when she learned her first husband cheated on her, she disappeared for eleven days and was accommodated in a hotel under his mistress name. She met her second husband on the archeological excavations. She learned about poisons during WWI while working in a pharmacy.

Who was Hercule Poirot? Inspired by a Belgian refugee who settled in the author's hometown, Hercule Poirot first appeared a hundred years ago in the Záhada na zámku Styles. His closest friend was Arthur Hastings, but he also investigated some cases with Ariadne Oliver - and the last one was Sloni mají paměť. The detective dealt with cases in various countries, but never in Spain. And when he went on vacation, he often did not avoid work - but that was not the case of Němý svědek. Hercule spent his retirement in the village of King's Abbot. His lifelong love was Vera Rossakoff.

Where have you met these characters? Romaine Vole is the wife of the defendant in Svědkyně obžaloby. You can meet Simon Doyle in Smrt na Nilu. Aristid Leonidis is a rich immigrant who died in Hadí doupě. Donald Fraser was the main suspect of Betty's murder in audiobook Vraždy podle abecedy. Geoffrey Raymond is from Vražda Rogera Ackroyda and Lawrence Redding painted Lettice in Vražda na faře. William Blore is one of the guests in Deset malých černoušků. Louisa Oxley appeared in Greenshowova kratochvíle, Joan Ashby in Druhý gong and Charles Arundell is a character from Němý svěděk.

The winner of the third round is Peter K. The main winner of the power bank is Leona. Congratulations!

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