Audinolympiáda 2019

We know the winners!

Who snatched the top sports? Here's a list of our medal winners including their point counts:

Gold medal = Vlaštovka (1830 points)

Silver medal = pepap (775 points)

Bronze medal = Žabka (570 points)

Random participation medal = vkuruc (345 points)

Congratulations to all winners! And a special one to our gold medalist, who escaped the peloton and kept her position up to the finish line :D

Thank you all for participating. We hope you had some fun with our game. And you can look forward to the third year!

You wanted to know, so here's a list of all the places our little rascal was hiding at all over the website (including links, so you believe us):

Číslo 1 - Jídlo na prvním místě

Číslo 2 - Podcasts: Technology

Číslo 3 - Podcasts: Economics

Číslo 4 - Na větrné hůrce

Číslo 5 - Pod hvězdami

Číslo 6 - Contact Page

Číslo 7 - Mobile Apps

Číslo 8 - Most Popular Series

Číslo 9 - General - Contemporary category

Číslo 10 - Work for us

Číslo 11 - Gift Vouchers

Číslo 12 - Advanced Search

Číslo 13 - 2019 Audiobook Challenge

Číslo 14 - Off We Go! collection

Číslo 15 - Great listens for next to nothing