Take part in our game and you can win up to 4 audiobooks. Complete challenges, get game points and you´ll see if you get a medal on February 21.

What are we playing for?

There will be four winners in total. The first three medals go to people with most points collected. The participation medal goes to a randomly chosen participant. What rewards are we talking about?

Gold medal = 4 audiobooks

Silver medal = 3 audiobooks

Bronze medal = 2 audiobooks

Participation medal = 1 audiobook

When are we playing?

The game will take place from February 6 to February 20.

How do you play?

The goal of this game is to collect game points. You can get them in three different categories - daily questions, finding Audino and shopping. We will count your points.

The Game Results will be published here on Thursday, February 21.

Part I - Daily Questions

A new question every day, at 8 in the morning.
If your reply is correct, you get 10 game points.

Answer Daily Question

Part II - Find Audino

Literary Audino is hiding in different nooks and crannies of this website. There are fifteen pictures in total.

If you find one, fill in the form. Every discovered Audino gets you 15 game points.

Found one?

Part III - Audiobooks

No need to fill any forms, we count the points ourselves.

Every purchased audiobook in the course of Audinolympics gets you 20 game points.