An Adventurer's Summer Kit 17

The holidays have started, time to enjoy some adventure! If kids want to have fun, they need the right type of tools first.

So, what kinds of things should a true adventurer have?

An awesome diary so that future generations can have fun as well.

Running shoes so you can get places quickly.

A unicorn, it'll help with your imagination.

Your own cave because you can hide there at any time.

Your own island, I mean, who wouldn't want that?

A superhero cape, that's a must!

A magical train, it can take you to all sorts of magical places.

A submarine in case you want to check out life under water.

A dragon, or more dragons, you can never have too many.

A magical receiver so you can call anywhere.

Your own secret bunker, oh, the fun you'll have there!

A secret treasure, do I really need to explain?

A friendly giant that'll help with anything.

A cool boat because your shoes and a train can only get you so far.