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All of our audiobooks are in high quality mp3 format, available to download right after purchase.

Since we’re fans of listening to music and audiobooks, we always feel irked when we purchase an audiobook and then find out that the quality of descriptions is terrible and inconsistent. Which is why we decided to deliver audiobooks to our customers in a state we’d always like to get ours.

All tracks of each of our audiobooks contain the following (ID3v2):

  • Title Name
  • Author(s) Name(s)
  • Narrator(s) Name(s)
  • Album Cover
  • Track Name
  • Track Number and Total Count of Tracks
  • Track Time and Album Time
  • Album Issue Date, if available

Why does it matter?

As soon as you start listening to tracks on your PC, phone, tablet or your MP3 player, you’ll find out that without a good track decription, you have no idea what you’re listening to. You don’t know the author and If you have a large number of albums in your virtual library, there’s no chance of finding anything quickly.

We intend to not only deliver audio to our customers, we want to provide a visual enjoyment of our products, even if they’re “just digital”.